“I am profoundly grateful to Charleanea for helping me to awaken my true self and encouraging me to follow my dreams.”

Despite many years of therapy to heal past trauma, I still felt tied to the past. Old ways of coping, and old perceptions of myself led me to repeat self-defeating thought patterns and behaviors. Charleanea helped me to find my true self and trust my inner wisdom. She connected deeply to both the spiritual and emotional parts of my being. With great insight, warmth, nonjudgmental compassion and wisdom she encouraged me to find and follow my own path. I now feel free to strive to my fullest potential. I feel a deep joy in living.

— D.S.

“My experience with Dr. Arellano was life changing in every sense of the word.”

I had the great pleasure of working with Dr. Arellano while I was on a six month sabbatical. Of course, at the time I thought I was the only 47 year old dad who doubted his place in the universe. With great compassion, insight - and fun - Charleanea taught me practical skills to assess and manage my life. I recently returned to work invigorated and in control. (Ask her about dragging your boxes out into the light!).

— E.A.H.

She has always been a non-judgmental voice of wisdom and solace in the midst of many storms, and has helped me to reach the centered, grounded place I now live life from.
— T.T.

“In less than a year my life was completely transformed!”

When I began working with Dr. Arellano, I was in experiencing depression, stress, and anxiety in nearly every aspect of my life. Although I had a relatively comfortable life and had much for which to be grateful, something was missing. I felt I was on the wrong path, primarily, my life in my chosen profession. I was uninspired and unfulfilled.

Dr. Arellano helped me recognize my situation and gave me a simple, yet profoundly powerful structure in which I could chart a new path in life. At first, I did not see how her advice and guidance could possibly work for me - It was so simple and subtle! Yet I followed it to a tee and it did not take long for me to see actual results!

— F.L.

“She brings an insurmountable amount of knowledge, joy, and laughter to every session and challenges me when I need it.”

I was at the lowest point in my life when I ended up in her office. From the first day she helped me to self-reflect in an environment free of judgement. She would help me lean into the pain, giving me time and space to find the true undercurrent of the issues at hand. She would recommend books, give me homework and I felt like I had an incredible ally in the crazy journey of finding my way back to myself. She guided me on the spiritual journey outside of religion, to help me reconnect to a higher understanding and clarity of why we are here and how to use the gifts we are given to improve our life instead of self-sabotage. I feel like she saved me, or rather she helped me to save myself. 

— A.S.