Each Empowered Living experience is "tailor-made" just for you, because each journey is as unique as the individual taking it. Dr. Arellano appreciates that each of you is unique in regard to who you are, what you value most, and what is required to get you from where you are to where you most want to be.

One-on-One Coaching

Couples Coaching

Intimate relationships are potentially the most powerful vehicle for healing and individual growth. Yet, many couples find themselves feeling too frustrated, resentful, hurt, disappointed, untrusting or just plain bored to experience the powerful benefits of being intimately connected to another human being. For over 25 years, Dr. Arellano has worked with couples as they explore how their individual backgrounds, past conditioning, beliefs, thoughts, and behaviors impact, often unconsciously, their relationships in both positive and negative ways. Dr. Arellano helps couples to identify specific areas or patterns of their relationships that no longer serve or benefit them and to shift their relationships so they evolve into the powerfully loving instrument of healing and self-growth for which they are intended.

Small Group Coaching

Dr. Arellano offers three and six months small group coaching programs throughout the year. All programs are limited to seven participants to provide an intimate and safe environment in which you are able to explore and grow. Each program is designed to introduce you to proven life strategies and powerful principles for creating a powerfully purposeful and fulfilling life. These programs provide you with the support, guidance, structure and accountability needed for your success.  

Group Coaching Presentations

Dr. Arellano provides small group presentations for employee, staff or client groups for small businesses. As with her one-on-one, Dr. Arellano's intention in providing life coaching presentations to small businesses is to encourage, guide, and support individuals in creating powerful and meaningful lives. Powerful and purposeful living cultivates successful, prosperous individuals and businesses. Fees for small group presentations are commensurate with group size and duration of presentation.

Individual Psychotherapy

When stress, worry, anxiety or depression are so debilitating that these emotional experiences interfere with your ability to function at even the most basic level, it can be difficult to imagine living a life where you are fulfilled, happy and at peace. Using a combination of proven successful psychotherapeutic techniques, Dr. Arellano provides skills to manage your anxiety, depression and stress, so that you can face your daily challenges effectively. By working through mental health issues and learning effective coping skills, you can heal, grow, and move toward a more productive, psychologically healthy life.



Call or email Dr. Arellano to talk about exactly what you need to propel your life forward.

Dr. Arellano charges by the hour for her one-on-one coaching services. One-on-One coaching can be provided through email, over-the-phone or in-person visits. Contact Dr. Arellano for hourly and packaged coaching rates. She accepts cash, check, VISA, or MasterCard for payment. Dr. Arellano also holds retainer for those who prefer to do so. Payment is required at time of service.

Life coaching sessions are generally not a covered benefit of major health insurance companies. In the event that Dr. Arellano is providing psychotherapeutic services in her work with you; you may be able to receive reimbursement from your insurance company. Most insurance companies will not provide reimbursement for psychotherapy services that are not rendered during a face-to-face office visit.